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Precision seeks distribution partners for Kwai

7 January 2021 - Deborah Wilkes

Precision Healthcare is seeking distribution partners for the Kwai range of food supplements which has just been refreshed with a Japanese Black Garlic version.

Gian Trepp – co-founder of UK-based Precision Healthcare and founder of GBT Pharma – told OTCToolbox the company was seeking distribution partners across Europe and the rest of the world.

Trepp highlighted that Precision Healthcare had recently revitalised Kwai with the slogan “At the heart of life” as well as the new product containing 450mg Japanese Black Garlic. There is also a “nice product development pipeline”, he added.

According to Precision Healthcare, new Kwai Heartcare+ Japanese Black Garlic contains “up to twice the dosage of antioxidants found in normal garlic and is rich in amino acids”.

Straplines on the packaging claim the garlic in the product “Helps maintain a healthy heart”, “Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels” and “Contributes to resistance against temporary oxidative stress”.

Packaging also points out that the product contains vitamin B1 which “contributes to a normal heart function”.

Launched in the UK

Trepp said Kwai Heartcare+ Japanese Black Garlic had made its debut in the UK where it was available from Boots and the Kwai brand website.

The newcomer joined two existing Kwai products: Kwai Heartcare which contains 300mg garlic and vitamin B1, and Kwai Blood Pressure which provides potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

Gained rights to Kwai in 2019

Precision Healthcare licensed the rights to Kwai in the UK and Ireland from Germany’s Klosterfrau in early 2019. The deal also included rights to the Kira food supplement.

Soon afterwards, Precision Healthcare gained rights to the two brands in all countries where the trademarks are registered, except Germany where Klosterfrau continues to market Kwai and Kira.

Kwai has been relaunched in the UK by Precision Healthcare and in the Netherlands by Similasan.

Precision Healthcare recently announced that C.A.Papaellinas Group would be the distributor in Cyprus. The healthcare distributor holds the franchise for 14 Holland & Barrett stores in Cyprus.

Furthermore, Precision Healthcare has signed up distributors in Austria, Ireland, Malta and Slovakia.

Trepp told OTCToolbox that the first priority for Precision Healthcare had been to stabilise sales of Kwai which had been in decline for a variety of reasons. That had now been achieved, he added, and the company aimed to bring the brand back into the growth phase through line extensions and a new approach to marketing.

“One of the key elements is to communicate to people the benefits of taking a garlic food supplement rather than eating garlic,” said Trepp.

He also noted that Precision Healthcare wanted to raise awareness of heart health with women as well as men.

Precision Healthcare is a joint venture between Trepp and Matthew Caldwell-Nichols, chairman and founder of the Precision marketing consultancy.

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